[aquaria] Putting mods in a package/mod manager

Andrew Church achurch+aquaria at achurch.org
Mon Feb 21 20:29:43 EST 2011

>I've got working code like this in another project i'm working on (LZMA 

I don't want to sound discouraging from the start (: but you might want
to give some extra thought to decompression speed.  While LZMA compresses
well, it takes longer than gzip (deflate) to decompress, and speed is
pretty important for games.  Even if most of the decompression takes
place while switching maps, that's still time you're making the player
wait, and I've already seen complaints that Aquaria takes too long to
load data.

Just some food for thought. (:

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

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