[aquaria] Putting mods in a package/mod manager

GMMan yukaili.geek at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 17:48:25 EST 2011

I was thinking, for easy distribution, mods could go into some sort of
package. Looking at the current PackRead.cpp, it seems that the
current code is not too useful. So before I commit some time in making
things work, I want to get some perspectives on how feasible putting
things in a package is. My main concerns are speed, size, and
convenience. Regarding speed, the current code is extremely
inefficient. It is clearly a "work in progress" sort of thing. I would
read the file table into a vector. Also, the code seems designed only
to get the file table, so any data access can only be handled by the
caller. PackReadInfo is only for debug. For size, zlib can be easily
incorporated. For convenience, I think it would be easy for players to
just drag and drop a mod into the right folder and play.

What's everyone's opinion?

P.S. I'm getting the Windows resource script whipped up, and I'll
check how well it's working when I get home. Expect a release on

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