[aquaria] massive pile of patches now in icculus tree...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Mon Apr 25 16:08:35 EDT 2011

> Disabling display lists is definitely the way to go, and it might make
> sense to rip out the code for supporting them entirely, as that'd likely
> result in a reduction of complexity.

Display lists make a lot of sense as a very fast way to move code from 
immediate mode, since you just have to wrap the existing rendering calls 
in a few lines of code.

Mac OS X, for what it's worth, just maps display lists to a 
vertex_array_range under the hood (and maybe VBOs now?), which makes 
this a perfectly sane strategy for migration...apparently not on these 
specific drivers though.

The OpenGL ES patch that's floating around the mailing list already does 
99% of the work you need to move from immediate mode and display lists 
to vertex arrays, so there's a viable solution mostly done already. If 
someone wants to work with that on Linux, I bet it works great with the 
Intel GPUs.


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