[aquaria] massive pile of patches now in icculus tree...

Mikko Rasa tdb at tdb.fi
Mon Apr 25 06:14:59 EDT 2011

On 24.04.2011 03:43, Andrew Church wrote:
>>> Try opening your usersettings.xml and add a displaylists="0" attribute
>>> to the<ScreenMode>  tag:
>>> <ScreenMode resx="1024" ... darkbuffersize="256" displaylists="0" />
>> This fixes the issue; thank you.
> Thanks for the note.  I guess Intel chips are slow at vertex processing.

Display lists are an ancient technique for storing GL commands on the 
GPU for faster rendering.  They haven't been supported in hardware for 
ages; instead the driver emulates the behaviour for backwards 
compatibility.  I guess Intel's drivers have particularly bad emulation. 
  Display lists went largely out of style with the appearance of vertex 
arrays in GL 1.1, and vertex buffer objects in GL 1.5 were the final 
nail in their coffin.

Disabling display lists is definitely the way to go, and it might make 
sense to rip out the code for supporting them entirely, as that'd likely 
result in a reduction of complexity.


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