[aquaria] Can't make the new version work on my linux box

Andrew Church achurch+aquaria at achurch.org
Fri Apr 22 07:05:31 EDT 2011

>1- hg clone http://hg.icculus.org/icculus/aquaria
>2- cd aquaria
>3- mkdir build
>4- cd build
>5- cmake ..
>6- make -j 8
>7- cp aquaria /path/to/where/I/installed/the/original/game/

You also need to copy the scripts, since the old scripts will not work
with the new executable:

cp -a game_scripts/* /path/to/where/you/installed/the/original/game/

If you plan to use any of the mods, you'll also need to update the
copies in your personal data directory:

cp -a /path/to/where/you/installed/the/original/game/_mods ~/.Aquaria/

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

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