[aquaria] Pets rebalancing suggestion

breversa breversa at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 15:22:13 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,

Am I the only one to almost never use any pet other than the nautilus
? I find the piranha and blaster pet quite useless, mainly due to
speed issues :

- while the piranha is not too slow to "aquire" a target, it is
however too slow to reach most ennemies in time to start gnawing them,
except the slowest ones. Improving its speed (making it as fast as the
piranhas met in the kelp forest maybe ?), and maybe also shortening
the delay between two "bites" would make this pet more useful in my

- the blaster pet feels slower to aquire a target, shoots slowly, and
the shots themselves are not very quick either, making it most useful
against stationnary of very slow ennemies again. Again, speeding up
the rate of aquisition, fire and/or shot movement would make this pet
more useful.

But do not get me wrong : I'm not crying for more power ! Aquaria is
wonderful, marvelous game, and would still be without any pet !
However, I find it sad that such a feature ends up half useless
because 2 pets out of 4 serve almost no pratical purpose, while I
would imagine they could have different purposes with a bit of
rebalancing : short range defender for the nautilus, long range
attacker for the blaster, and tough ennemies gnawer for the piranha.

What do you think ?

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