[aquaria] Form change shortcuts do not work

breversa breversa at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 14:58:32 EDT 2010

Hi everybody,

I think I posted this earlier, before Aquaria went open source, but
here goes again :

I'm playing v1.1.3 under Linux with a french azerty keyboard layout
(see http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b9/KB_France.svg),
and the forms shortcut (= 1 to 9, to instantly change into a given
form or sing the shield/bind song) do not work.

I believe this problem is due to the fact that the keys need to be
shifted in order to input digits, and SDL interprets that as 2
keystrokes instead of one.

I've had the same problem with Beyond The Red Line
(http://www.beyondtheredline.net/) and The Lord of The Ring game
engine (http://www.wonderland.cz/lotr/). When I mailed the other of
that engine, he sent me a small patch that basically adds the azerty
keys as shorcuts (e.g azerty "&" would mean the same as qwerty "1"),
removing the need to press shift.

I also know for sure that this problem does not exist in the Windows version.

Can something be done about this ?


PS :
May I also make some improvement suggestions ? I'll write a new
message for each of them.

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