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Thu Jun 3 14:52:23 EDT 2010


as playing Aquaria and seeing its amazing Editor I thought that this could be a great basis for a platformer game once some physics are added (so the game will play outside of the water). I guess it should be a bit like Little Big Planet in the end, but I wouldn't be surprised if it finds another direction to go. 

I am not trying to create a fork by myself but rather am looking for people who like the idea of it (and to help them with my skills afterwards). Some well known FOSS game dev already told me that he is going to spend some hours on coding physics once there is some placeholder art and an example level. I definitely have to remove some obstacles in the way before I get there though. 

Does anyone know how to build it or if there is already a project working on a placeholder version of Aquaria. Also I d like to ask the original developers (if you have time for that) if you estimate the effort for creating an platformer game out of your game rather high or low. Engine wise of course, as I am quite aware that a whole package of game media can't be replaced within a few days.

I am still having troubles to build the source code and also can't find the graphic files in the commercial release to try replacing them.

I d be glad about any help or info. Thanks,

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