[aquaria] Platformer Fork

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri Jun 4 01:10:55 EDT 2010

> Does anyone know how to build it or if there is already a project 
> working on a placeholder version of Aquaria. Also I d like to ask the 
> original developers (if you have time for that) if you estimate the 
> effort for creating an platformer game out of your game rather high or 
> low. Engine wise of course, as I am quite aware that a whole package of 
> game media can't be replaced within a few days.

Probably not "hard" ... a lot of stuff currently assumes you spend most 
the game underwater and can breathe both there and on land, but there is 
already code for handling places where Naija leaves the water...which is 
not currently the exact mechanic you're looking for...there is gravity, 
but no "walking" ... she sticks to whatever she lands on until she jumps 
again. Despite that, the code already understands a distinction for dry 

> I am still having troubles to build the source code and also can't find 
> the graphic files in the commercial release to try replacing them.

They're in plain sight...if you have the Mac version, right click the 
game icon and select "Show Package Contents" to see the game data 
inside. Other platforms just have the data sitting in the same directory 
as the executable.


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