Lemmit Kaplinski lemmit at
Mon Feb 20 07:06:06 EST 2006

I've wondered - has anyone thought of packaging Airstrike as an
autopackage (see at some point? Basically
autopackage is a distribution-neutral packaging framework, that makes
it possible to install things with the click of the mouse both for the
whole system or for individual users. An Airstrike autopackage would make
trying out the -pre releases a lot easier for lazy people like me or
those who are not that familiar with the whole "./configure; make; make
install" mantra.

There are two basic thing that are required to create an autopackage:
relocatability (no hardcoded paths, everything is relative to the binary -
makes user installs possible. The Autopackage project provides a small
utility called binreloc, that has functions for several languages that
make this real easy) and managing dependencies. As Airstrike
seems to only require libSDL (and -mixer), these should not be much of a
problem, because there are projects out there using both SDL and

Well - this is just a thing to consider, but would make me and others, who 
might not be able to test and enjoy the game right now, quite happy :)

The best,


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