[airstrike] Re: Level changing and tags

Erik Auerswald auerswal at unix-ag.uni-kl.de
Wed May 11 16:23:16 EDT 2005


> Btw. Now whenever I switch to another level, it says
> "there is no joystick 0". Couldn't/shouldn't this checking be done at the
> game startup?

I changed the verbosity of the joystick code a bit, with the current
code messages of the kind "there is no joystick 0" can be disabled by
writing a configuration file (share/defaults.conf) containing at least

player1_control {
  joy_no -1
player2_control {
  joy_no -1

Specifying -1 as the joystick number deactivates the joystick for that
player. If the hardcoded defaults are used there are still those
messages about missing joystick(s).

The behaviour of the joystick code has not changed, only the messages
print to stderr.


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