[airstrike] dev-cpp support

Ulf Ekström uekstrom at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 16:21:26 EDT 2005

> > But i can't commit my files, because i have not subversion accaunt.
> > Please give me it :-).
> Please mail your patch (if it's only a few lines) to the mailing list
> or to Ulf and me.   We have some (reasonable) coding guidelines for
> the project on the www-page and I'd like to see that the change doesn't do
> something against them (e.g. "fixes" for warnings from C++ compilers
> although the code is C, not C++).

Yeah, this might be good advice in the beginning.

> > I think, that i can add net support for this project. I have little
> > expirience with network programming under linux&windows and now learn
> > SDL_net.
> What kind of an approach you've thought of?
> Peer-to-peer or client-server?
> You can transmit the game state across network on different levels,
> simplest one is transmiting just:
> - random seed
> - the level name
> - player interaction (key presses/joystick movements)

I once did a little game which bounced all the keypresses off a
central server. I think that can work if everyone is on the same LAN,
but otherwise the lag will make it unplayabe (my guess). It would be
fun to try, once single player is "finished".


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