[airstrike] Activity

Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at netsonic.fi
Thu Dec 9 15:14:48 EST 2004


> Actually I have started to work on the game again. I don't know if you
> are (or even would like to be) recieving email at CVS commits, but if you
> do head over to https://admin.lysator.liu.se/Login and change your 

It's such a long time since I did anything with it, that I've forgotten my
password (SSH key handles CVS stuff).  Is there any interface which
would mail me my password?

> Right now I am restructuring the code a bit to allow productive work
> to start again, so right now not everything is working.
> Recent game changes:
> Correct collision physics including rotation

Seems to work nicely. :-)

> Recent code changes:
> More general reference counting (we can count everything for automatic
> garbage collection). This is in preparation for a new "scripting
> language". 
> I am also working to replace the level description language with
> something simpler and easier to code for.

I guess with this the features we've discussed about will be easier to do?
E.g. being able to chain things for levels where player should first do
one (level specific) thing and only then another or where player control can
be transmitted from one object to another (e.g. from plane to parachute to

> This will allow us to have a console which we can use when the game is
> running, a bit like in quake et  al. I hope to finish that today.

I'll try next week to convert the rest of the levels to the new format,
hopefully also bonus parser (used on levels 3 & 4).

What about the plane damage & dying and having multiple players?
This would be needed for making the game playable again... :-/

	- Eero

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