Ulf Ekström uekstrom at
Sat Dec 4 07:40:13 EST 2004

Hi all! 
Actually I have started to work on the game again. I don't know if you are (or
even would like to be) recieving email at CVS commits, but if you do
head over to and change your settings.

Right now I am restructuring the code a bit to allow productive work
to start again,
so right now not everything is working. 

Recent game changes: 
Correct collision physics including rotation 

Recent code changes:
More general reference counting (we can count everything for automatic
garbage collection). This is in preparation for a new "scripting language".

I am also working to replace the level description language with something
simpler and easier to code for. This will allow us to have a console which we
can use when the game is running, a bit like in quake et al. I hope to
finish that

If you like to join in I will be in #airstrike on


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