[airstrike] Fed up with red plane having infinite bombs

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Sat Apr 24 13:36:02 EDT 2004


> what is your level format ?
> This question is also important for me because of my own game. I decided
> to use something looking like XML temporarily..

Ulf did his own parser.  XML is a bit verbose (just check the level files).

> >  What's better in the new code:
> > - we can have multiple levels and levels are separate from the
> >   actual game
> if I can help with a level parser or so... I have my own projects but no
> motivation for them

Well, it's not the parser as such, but how one maps stuff to how game
internally works (objects, signals, successive events etc).

I've just started updating the bonus machine stuff to new message system
(with which Ulf replaced earlier signaling), once it's in CVS, you can look
at what can be done with it.

> > - better physics engine (plane behaves more realistically)
> do we care about realism ?

Well, if it's finetuned suitably and controls are good, then it's IMHO
better.  If game has real physics, stuff doesn't need to be so hardcoded
(fortunately Ulf is much better with physics than I :-)).

> > Btw. At one time in the between there was the feature of
> > larger than screen levels (with tiled background) but it's
> > now removed because gameplay is better with completely
> > visible play area (Airstrike doesn't support split view). :-)
> Even with a great screen scrolling method, I don't think this is very
> interesting for the gameplay.
> Do you plan to write some netcode ?


IMHO hot seat is better and often netplay is an excuse for not having
good single play.  Ulf's supposed to have made the AI smarter (I haven't
seen it yet as before the AI multiple players need to be added back :-)).
 On the other hand more complex physics make AI clumsier...

	- Eero

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