[airstrike] Fed up with red plane having infinite bombs

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Sat Apr 24 17:43:46 EDT 2004

> > if I can help with a level parser or so... I have my own projects but no
> > motivation for them
> Well, it's not the parser as such, but how one maps stuff to how game
> internally works (objects, signals, successive events etc).

Someone just needs to do it, it should be pretty straightforward.

> IMHO hot seat is better and often netplay is an excuse for not having
> good single play.  Ulf's supposed to have made the AI smarter (I haven't
> seen it yet as before the AI multiple players need to be added back :-)).

Eh, the ai is not smarter _yet_, but at least now it can avoid flying 
into the ground, in theory. I'll work on it a bit.

>  On the other hand more complex physics make AI clumsier...

We can give the ai some advantages in this respect..


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