[airstrike] Fed up with red plane having infinite bombs

Arthur Huillet arthur.huillet at free.fr
Sat Apr 24 12:26:43 EDT 2004

> Hi,
> I guess that refers to the earlier, playeable version of Airstrike.
> Current CVS version of Airstrike doesn't support bombs yet :-).
10 minutes after having sent this message, I realized there were a CVS for airstrike...
I'll checkout CVS as soon as this reply is finished.

> On the gameplay front we've discussed a bit of a possibility to
> transfer player control from one object (e.g. plane) to another
> (parachute, dragon etc).  The main problem is how to effectively
> express this in the level file so that it maps cleanly to the code.

what is your level format ?
This question is also important for me because of my own game. I decided to use something looking like XML temporarily..
>  What's better in the new code:
> - we can have multiple levels and levels are separate from the
>   actual game
if I can help with a level parser or so... I have my own projects but no motivation for them 
> - better physics engine (plane behaves more realistically)
do we care about realism ?

> Something that will hopefully soon appear is generators, objects
> which generate other objects (e.g. birds, bonuses). 
Excellent idea. Really.

> Btw. At one time in the between there was the feature of
> larger than screen levels (with tiled background) but it's
> now removed because gameplay is better with completely
> visible play area (Airstrike doesn't support split view). :-)
Even with a great screen scrolling method, I don't think this is very interesting for the gameplay.

Do you plan to write some netcode ?


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