[airstrike] Airborn spammer -- a level proposal

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Mon Mar 10 04:21:04 EST 2003

On Sun, Mar 09, 2003 at 10:09:58PM +0200, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hi,
> > The player has the unfortunate job of spam deliverer, and must travel
> > above a number of small tropical islands and drop the spam directly in
> > peoples mailboxes. The inhabitants obviously hate this, and will
> > attack the players biplane at any chance.
> Why not be a *valiant* mailman on tropics with a lots of nature hazards
> and pirates that are after mail & our valiant mailman? :-)

Well, ok, that could also explain why everyone tries to attack you. 


> I could try fuel barrels and palmtrees, maybe undergrowth and
> cactuses too.
> Fuel barrels should explode if they are shot at, but should they look
> like oil barrels or like medicine capsules?

Oil barraels, imo.

> How the bonus machine fits this?

Maybe they are placed along the level by the postal services, to help
its pilots? They could also release new mailbags I guess.


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