[airstrike] Airborn spammer -- a level proposal

Eismann Peter peter.eismann at siemens.com
Mon Mar 10 03:20:38 EST 2003

Hi Ulf,

Why such a "fantastic story"?
Here are another story (maybe a little bit more realistic):

You try to send newspapers to an island areal.
The dictator of this island doesn't like it.

But your story is also ok.


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Hi all. Development is proceeding at a slow but steady pace, and I am
wondering what kind of level to build first. Here is a proposal which
wouldn't be too hard to program, but perhaps fun to play. I tried to
make it a bit less war oriented. 

What do you think?


There is a problem with multiplayer on larger-than screen levels (you
cannot see both planes at the same time..), so this will be single player
only for now.

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The player has the unfortunate job of spam deliverer, and must travel
above a number of small tropical islands and drop the spam directly in
peoples mailboxes. The inhabitants obviously hate this, and will
attack the players biplane at any chance.
The level starts over water, with a given number of spams onboard. At
first the player will pass small islands with little or no defense,
where he can train his mailbombing skills. Flying at high altitude is
generally safe, but this makes it very hard to get the spam in the
mailboxes (a bit like the old game Paperboy).
Fuel and spam is limitied, so it is important not to miss the first
bombing attempt. Score is given based on the amount of fuel left, and
the percentage of mailboxes hit. It is possible that the game stops
after a number of missed mailboxes.
Since your employer is so cheap you generally don't have enough fuel
for the whole trip, but must pick up barrels on the way.
As the player flies on he encounters more and more
resistance. Artillery and angry birds will attack him, for example.
At the end of the level there might be a 'boss' island, with heavy
armament and planes defending it.
Needed sprites [please help with these]:
mailboxes. Should be clearly visible, and have a different appearance
when full.
water [prototype done]
island things -- beaches, palmtrees, undergrowth, vulcanos.
Buildings, from huts to forts.
Angry human shaking his fist to the sky.
Fuel barrels

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