[airstrike] Airborn spammer -- a level proposal

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Sun Mar 9 15:09:58 EST 2003


> The player has the unfortunate job of spam deliverer, and must travel
> above a number of small tropical islands and drop the spam directly in
> peoples mailboxes. The inhabitants obviously hate this, and will
> attack the players biplane at any chance.

Why not be a *valiant* mailman on tropics with a lots of nature hazards
and pirates that are after mail & our valiant mailman? :-)

> Needed sprites [please help with these]:
> mailboxes. Should be clearly visible, and have a different appearance
> when full.
> water [prototype done]
> island things -- beaches, palmtrees, undergrowth, vulcanos.
> Buildings, from huts to forts.
> Angry human shaking his fist to the sky.
> Fuel barrels

I could try fuel barrels and palmtrees, maybe undergrowth and
cactuses too.

Fuel barrels should explode if they are shot at, but should they look
like oil barrels or like medicine capsules?

How the bonus machine fits this?

	- Eero

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