[airstrike] Anyone tried `Clonk' (windows)?

Eismann Peter peter.eismann at siemens.com
Mon Jan 20 04:22:13 EST 2003

Hi all,

Here are another (inofficial improvement) version of clonk: http://www.goldwipf.de


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> From: Ulf Ekström [mailto:ulfek at ifm.liu.se]
> Sent: 19 January 2003 12:54
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> Subject: [airstrike] Anyone tried `Clonk' (windows)?
> Hi again everyone. 
> I found the game Clonk by a comment on happypenguin.org, and is seems
> like the engine there is about the same as the one that we are trying
> to create for Airstrike. Did anyone try this game?  It is windows
> only, so I cannot try it myself, but if anyone could comment on what
> the engine can and cannot do maybe it can help us to create an even
> better (and portable) 2d engine.
> Anyway the url for the game is http://www.clonk.de/ . Most of the
> stuff is in german, but there is also a lot of english info.
> Regards,
> Ulf

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