[airstrike] Strange things when "fixing" (?) things & install target

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Tue Feb 4 04:49:50 EST 2003

Hi, nice to see that you are making this package! I'll be using it

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 01:11:02AM +0100, Sven Velt wrote:
> | -#define ROOT_CONFIG_FILE "airstrikerc"
> | +#define ROOT_CONFIG_FILE "/etc/airstrikerc"



> | -  sprite_background_load("data/bg.png","data/bgmask.png");
> | +  // SV: We don't want hardcoded paths...
> | +  // sprite_background_load("data/bg.png","data/bgmask.png");
> | +  sprite_background_load(path_to_data("bg.png"),path_to_data("bgmask.png"));

This doesn't work because path_to_data() uses an internal buffer for
its return values, and that gets destroyed by the second call. I guess
that you are using bp.png for both mask and background image. Ok,
please spank me for ever writing something like this.. I'll produce a
fix. In the meantime you can malloc() and strcpy() the paths and it
will probably work. 
> OK, and here's my install target for the makefile. Again, these are
> debian paths:

Thanks! I'll adopt this for installation in usr/local too.

Hope this helps.

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