[airstrike] Strange things when "fixing" (?) things & install target

Sven Velt sven-airstrike at velt.de
Tue Feb 4 04:21:44 EST 2003

Hio Eduard!

Am 2003-02-04, tippselte Eduard Werner:

> > As it's a configuration file it _has_ to go to /etc. At least for a
> > debian package.
> How about keeping it under /usr/local/airstrike and symlink it under
> debian to /etc? That way it would be backed up or uninstalled with
> the rest of airstrike.

Sorry, no chance. Debian Policy. You also aren't allow to install your
packaged files under /usr/local/. It's one of the points why debian's
package management is "more stable" than everything I saw before.

It's not a big problem as long as the path to the global
configuration file is hardcoded in a .c or .h file.



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