Airstrike on FreeBSD 5.1

Mads Sejersen mads at
Sun Dec 7 20:41:00 EST 2003

Eero Tamminen writes: 

> The script is named sdl-config in SDL sources, why it's on BSD sdl11-config?

I have _no_ idea, but you should comment it in the INSTALL-file ... or
use automake ;-) 

> (I'd assume BSD at least to link latest version to 'sdl-config'...)

Well ... not the latest, but almost
sdl11-config --version


> Btw. I've added one more script to the POV stuff (in CVS).
> Does plain /bin/sh (Bource shell) handle this:
> 	count=1
> 	count=$(($count+2))
> 	echo $count
> 3
> (/bin/sh *is* Bash on Linux, so I can't test this.)

Yep ... it works 

> PS. In case you're interested what's currently happening in Airstrike CVS,
> I'm fiddling with levels (POV stuff & scripts) and Ulf is improving the
> engine (C code).  A bit of a re-organization for getting back to the more
> playable full-screen (non-scrolling) levels.

Cool ... I think I will help a little when the christmas is over. 

Mads Sejersen 

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