[airstrike] Airstrike on FreeBSD 5.1

Ulf =?unknown-8bit?Q?Ekstr=F6m?= ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Mon Dec 8 06:13:59 EST 2003

On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 08:41:54PM +0100, Mads Sejersen wrote:
> Hi 
> I have ported Airstrike (031105) to FreeBSD. I have changed 

> - sdl-config to sdl11-config in the Makefile

I guess we should start using autoconfig.. 

> - malloc.h to stdlib.h (because everything from malloc.h has been moved
> to stdlib.h on FreeBSD)

Mm, this is how it should be I guess (the way you made it).

> - /bin/bash to /bin/sh in one of the shellscripts 

Good idea, I hope the scripts are valid with this change.

> That's all, and now it runs perfectly. I have attached a patch, so you
> can make it available on the homepage. 

Thanks, I'll apply it. The game is anyway undergoing big changes, so
when (if) a new version comes out you are welcome to test on FreeBSD.


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