[airstrike] what about...

Rob van Putten r.vanputten at hexapole.com
Mon Dec 23 03:07:21 EST 2002


first my response to Eero's question

A package that contains the current tuxtank source including the tank images
can be obtained from
The file is approx. 700kB
(I'm busy with the sourceforge versioning system but until that time this will do :-)

Now to a feature which I think will add up to the fun of playing airstrike;
'real time landscape deformation' (..this sounds like the latest M$ directx technique
but I couldn't come up with a better describtion :-)

This is something I use in my game and I think it is fun. If you drop a bomb
in airstrike the bomb explodes and that's it - the landscape does not show
any holes or damage. But if Ulf is already thinking of
a particle engine (I have one in tuxtank though I doubt if you could learn
from my code :-) why not add this feature as well?

Another thing that I want to say is that your code is realy good. I guess you 
have a lot experience with C. Must be the swedish climate, long nights, 
long winters and lots of computer time :-) 
(by the way I've been to Sweden (walked part of the 'Kungsleden') and you 
really live in a beautiful country.. only those annoying mosquitoes..)


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