[airstrike] tank?

Rob van Putten delphiro at zonnet.nl
Fri Dec 20 17:19:23 EST 2002

Hi Eero,

> Have you POV model(s) for the animation?
> (that is needed so that the object lightning can be made suitable
> for the Airstrike atmosphere :))

Nope, sorry.. I used a real image and resized / edited it with Gimp. I not much of a POV man :-) (if only I had more spare time!)
> Airstrike got also POV models for those so that you can
> render your own animations (e.g. change the colormaps
> and shape a bit).

Thanks for the tip. The airstrike graphics look great which makes me very interested in the usage of POVray for my own game. 

> Btw. What's the original inspiration for the game?

I started out without an original game in mind. Later on I learned about scorched earth but I think it looks poor (sorry guys.. no offense, the gameplay is great). The objective of my game will be quite similair though.

> My own version (Mortar) of this type of a game is at my home page:
> 	http://koti.welho.com/kmattil4/

wow, you do know how to use great colours :-) (and startup options too ;-)
I know it is offtopic but may I ask how much time you spent on that game? (This 'tuxtank' is my first 'real' C++ project and things do progress but due to a lack of spare time sometimes very slowly).

Sorry if I am too off topic.. I will not do it again


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