[airstrike] what about...

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Mon Dec 23 09:40:03 EST 2002


> Now to a feature which I think will add up to the fun of playing 
> airstrike; 'real time landscape deformation' (..this sounds like 
> the latest M$  directx technique but I couldn't come up with a 
> better describtion :-)

Yeah, I know what you mean! Like in Lemmings or Worms. It is sort of
a planned feature, but nothing has been done yet. It would be cool,
in combination with ground based objects like tanks (and even better
with burrowing vehicles). There might be gameplay problems, because
you cannot walk around the hole in 2d (as you would in 3d). With
flying planes there is of course no problem of this kind (and there
is always ninja-rope for those that need it). 

> Another thing that I want to say is that your code is realy good. 
> I guess you have a lot experience with C. Must be the swedish 
> climate, long nights, long winters and lots of computer time :-)

Thanks! Actually I wrote most of the code while living in Pisa, 
Italy, so my only alibi is that I don't speak italian very well..
> (by the way I've been to Sweden (walked part of the 'Kungsleden') 
> and you really live in a beautiful country.. only those annoying 
> mosquitoes..)

This is embarrasing, as I have never been north of Åre (about 60% as
far north as you can get in Sweden, while Kungsleden is almost at the
nothernmost point.. It does look beautiful on pictures though..

I'll take a look at your game and the code for the particle engine, as
I haven't written that much on the one in Airstrike yet. 

Merry Christmas to you


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