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> Scrolling background is sort of the next implementation goal. Curretly

I don't think anyone would be sad at having a slightly bigger download 
when there's great music. So if everything else is OK, ogg should do 

> We have thought about this. There is a lot of free MIDI music, but
> it doesn't sound very good unless you have some fancy soundcard. Of
> course they can be converted to ogg or mp3. If you like to help
> with this it would be greatly appreciated!

Ahh, the holiday seasons. I have a burning hole in my wallet already ;)

> Things are slowing down now with christmas coming, but the game is 
> definitly alive! I visited Eero Tamminen in Helsinki, and we planned 
> a lot of features for the game.
> I hope that most of them will be implemented. If you like
> the game to be finished sooner then please help with thinks like

I am no coder, better not let me touch it ;P
Me and music just don't mix either
Graphics has never been my strong point either, I could do an epic poem 
on AirStrike though...

That leaves me with website design. Provided that you don't want a 
database-driven-groupware-whatnot, I can have a try.
As I also mentioned, I'd also like to do binary AppDir versions of AS.

> * Music
> * Sound effects
> * Level designs (in PovRay, see www.povray.org)
> * Sprite graphics
> * Coding
> * Website design..
> * ... (Anything you can think of)

If you ever happen to cross the Finnish gulf, drop by (Tartu, Estonia :)

The best,

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