[airstrike] Nostalgy

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Sun Dec 15 12:05:47 EST 2002

Hi! As another poster pointed out your game was indeed Wings
of Fury. I remember that one as well, it was great fun, and you had to
pick the right weapons for each mission (Like torpedoes against the
carriers). You could also turn left to right, which is something that
would be nice in Airstrike too. 

Scrolling background is sort of the next implementation goal. Curretly
the mechanics is not working perfectly, but after that
is fixed I'll try to do something. This is much needed, because 
currently there is not room on a single screen for all the sprites
that has been created..

> I'd really like to see some sort of reincarnation of that one. So
> the jolly-happy style AirStrike has adopted is very good also, only 
> suitable music is missing, but I cannot help with that, sorry. Maybe

> you could grab some public domain music that associates with all
> of parades and festivals? There should be such.

We have thought about this. There is a lot of free MIDI music, but
it doesn't sound very good unless you have some fancy soundcard. Of
course they can be converted to ogg or mp3. If you like to help
with this it would be greatly appreciated!

> As for testing different settings - pretty much everything is OK,
> gravity is a bit too strong. Might be realistic that you cannot fly
> biplane straight up (don't really know), but hey, it's a game!

I don't really know either.. As you say: 'it's a game!', so we should 
have the most fun settings. This could also be different for
 different levels. 
> Thank you for the work so far and I hope it goes on ;)

Things are slowing down now with christmas coming, but 
the game is definitly alive! I visited Eero Tamminen in 
Helsinki, and we planned a lot of features for the game.
I hope that most of them will be implemented. If you like
the game to be finished sooner then please help with thinks like
* Music
* Sound effects
* Level designs (in PovRay, see www.povray.org)
* Sprite graphics
* Coding
* Website design..
* ... (Anything you can think of)

  Ulf Ekström,  currently at CNR in Pisa, Italy

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