Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror Retail for Linux



This is an unofficial release of Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror for Linux.  The installers below are for the retail version and require the Tactical Ops CD for installation.  The Tactical Ops binaries were produced from a slightly modifed version of
OpenUT.  If you want to play the retail version in Linux, this is it.

Here's a screenshot of the installer.


European users see 'European Files'.

Read the
README first!
The 3.5.0 installer (40MB): tacticalops-3.5.0-install-x86.run (md5)

European Files

Download these files if you have the European CD.

Note: If this doesn't install correctly, don't download the above (3.1.5) installer, it will not work with your CD.

Read the
README first!
European installer (4.0MB): tacticalops-3.1.9-install-x86.run (md5) (Updated 31-May-2003)
3.1.9 > 3.3.2 patch (5.1MB): tacticalops-3.3.2-euro-x86.run (md5)
3.3.2 > 3.4.0 patch (6.4MB): tacticalops-3.4.0-x86.run (md5)
3.4.0 > 3.5.0 patch (30MB): tacticalops-3.5.0-x86.run (md5)

Note: You must delete your ini files in ~/.TacticalOps/System/ before using the 3.5.0 patch if you have played while patched to 3.4.0

Localisation: See the FAQ on how to play in another language.

S3 Texture Compression

Got an S3TC compatible video card?   Edit ~/.TacticalOps/System/TacticalOps.ini and change UseS3TC=0 to UseS3TC=1 in [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice].

Here's an example of S3TC on TO-Resurrection:
no S3TC | S3TC
Note: Only parts of these maps use the S3TC Textures.   As you will see in the sample images, the ground and nearby building still look the same.

Tactical Ops Retail for Mac

If for some strange reason you've wandered onto this Linux page, there is a Mac guide for the Retail version

Tactical Ops Linux FAQ

If you're having problems installing or playing Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror in Linux, then read this

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Linux Gamers' FAQ

Contacting me

I am no longer accepting emails about Tactical Ops. Read the FAQ if you have any problems.