What is the 1213 series?

"1213 is a trilogy of horror science-fiction games. The episodes tell the story of the suffering and eventual escape of an amnesiac victim of experimentation, codenamed 1213, from his cell, freed by his unseen tormentor. On escaping, 1213 sees that the facility's other guinea pigs, all similarly named to himself, have also escaped and have been turned into zombies, slaughtering the employees.

1213 is notable for being a surprisingly authentic reproduction of the traditional platformer experience using an engine originally designed to be used in the production of point-and-click adventure games. Simply animated, many elements of the game reflect the original Prince of Persia gameplay mechanics, though it incorporates aspects of gunplay found in Another World and Flashback: The Quest for Identity." - Wikipedia

As with the Chzo Mythos and now the 1213 series, I packaged a GNU/Linux binary using the AGS Linux Runtime and put it up here; now replaced again with the newer version derived from the AGS GitHub. For more information, see the Chzo Mythos build page.

What is the game about?

1213 Fan Art A man lies in a darkened cell, consumed by pain and sickness. He does not know where he is. He does not know how he came to be there. He does not even know his own name. All he knows is that he is being tortured by a bizarre, bespectacled man, who addresses him only as a number - Twelve-Thirteen.

Every day, Twelve-Thirteen is taken out of his cell and goaded into running a dangerous hazard course, apparently for the sole amusement of the bespectacled man. Today seems to be no different. But while Twelve-Thirteen sits brooding in his darkened prison, the door suddenly falls open with no apparent cause. To discover the answers to all of his questions, Twelve-Thirteen must adventure into the unknown world beyond the cell...


1213 escapes from the cell, and soon learns that he may have been better off where he was.


With more questions raised than answered, 1213 explores further areas of his prison and begins to learn the truth about his genesis.


Hounded from all sides by hostile strangers and his own debilitating illness, 1213 strives on for a final confrontation with his mysterious captor, and a truth he may not be ready for.

Keep in mind these are the Special Editions, so they will include extra features not included in the original freeware releases.

Download fan art as SVG.

Screenshot One Screenshot Two Screenshot Four Screenshot Five

You can find more information about these and other great games here:


Package Build 2:

Download: Click Here!
Released: January 19, 2015.
Tested On: Arch i386.

Package Build 1:

Download: Click Here!
Released: August 26, 2010.
Tested On: Fedora 13.

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