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ltmp. Use mplayer as a music-player which can be controlled via a command-line client. This package also includes an annoying irssi-script and a gkrellm plugin which both display the currently played song. For use with OGG-Vorbis music files, you should apply the author's patch for mplayer. You can get it here, but remember that you are going to need libsock from kkrrs. Just download the snapshot and build it, then edit the path in ltmp's Makefile (you just need libmisc and libsock for it).

Elliptic curves(ECs). Educational project to test my understanding of EC cryptography and EC methods, might be useful for other people who learn EC basics (page in German).

cDOC. Simple shell-script which generates HTML documentation directly from C header files, similar to javadoc.

kkrrs. NCurses based RSS reader which comes with a nice RSS parsing library.

Bookmark Converter. Unfortunately, there is a bookmark file format for every browser out there. Because of this, I decided to write this program for converting bookmarks from any browser to and from the Konqueror XML bookmark format, which I prefer. Development snapshot for download.

GnOme Dialer. A wvdial front end for the Gnome 2.x desktop.

Installer. An installer for the myOS and MaTRiX operating systems. I develop this in cooperation with Raphael Schmid. The project is currently under heavy development and is therefore not available for the public. Some more info is available here.

oggcut. A little utility for cutting Ogg/Vorbis files on the command-line. You can download the final version here.

e17-build. LFS hint (WIP) and build script for the installation of Enlightenment DR17. Look here.

directfb-build. LFS hint (WIP) and build script for the installation of DirectFB from CVS. Look here.

wordlists. This package provides several word- and translation lists.

mk. This package provides a set of Makefiles which make it easy to write the Makefiles necessary for a package. Update: This package sucks, I really came to the conclusion that it makes no sense to use it.

4bsd-games. This package is a little just for fun port of some of the 4bsd games.

Things I contributed to other projects:
Enlightenment DR16 - Fix for XFree 4.2.0
GGZ - Fix for a simple bug

Coming soon...

FUDbuild. Because of all the recent discussion on the LFS mailinglists about how certain changes will affect the purity of the build, I decided to write some scripts which automatically test the purity of the build-process of a given LFS CVS checkout using lfscmd and some shell-magic. I'm going to use Greg Schafer's Iterative Comparison Analysis (ICA) for proving the purity (as done by him in gsbuild), because he is recognized as the expert for this type of analysis by the current LFS editors.

ncirc. IRC library with attached sample client and server. I only hacked on this for an hour or so as a testbed for an irssi-script for ltmp.

diet-utils. Combination of code from busybox and embutils to create a package of small POSIX- compliant utilities for a Unix desktop system.

DietLFS. Build your own LFS based on the dietlibc and smaller replacements (e.g. embutils) for the GNU bloat. This project will most likely become a part of Distro 01-261.

Delayed or abandoned projects
linbench. Easy benchmarking scripts for Linux.
CrossHurd. A script which cross-compiles GNU/Hurd on Linux.
Gnome4Whimps. Simple build script for Gnome CVS.
Spamstats. Spam statistics generator.

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