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Enlightenment DR17

  • What?

    Look here for more info.
  • Why?

    EFL provides really fast and well designed APIs for programming GUI applications. This will lead to fast and graphically appealing new environment.
  • How?

    This is where this site comes into play:

    LFS-Hint which provides information about all the components as well as the instructions to build them. Build-script which will build you a shiny e17 from CVS automatically. Patches for some problems which keep you away from getting to your quality desktop experience. Soon I will try to get into the EFL APIs myself and possibly write some interesting apps for it. I'm also planning to add links to interesting places to go when configuring and using your e17. If you're interested in seeing old versions of this stuff, look here. If you want to package a specific snapshot, you might to want to use this to get rid of the CVS/ directories. If you are lazy, there is also this script which checks all the stuff out from CVS. There's also , which checks your build-logs for obvious errors. If it displays anything, your build is not sane.

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