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--- Comment #11 from James Canete <use.less01 at gmail.com> ---
g_teamAutoJoin isn't a great solution, because of two things.

First, I really don't want to override user cvars.

Second, it can lead to joining the wrong team.  Try starting a CTF game in
Quake 3 (through single player...skirmish) with g_teamAutoJoin 1 and using
default settings, except change your team to red.  You'll magically join blue
when the game starts.

As well, I tried making the g_teamAutoJoin check in g_session.c
G_InitSessionData() line 110 to (g_teamAutoJoin.integer ||
client->pers.localClient) and that didn't work, I'm guessing localClient isn't
set at that point.

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