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--- Comment #2 from Monk <monk at rq3.com> 2010-01-17 14:44:46 EST ---
Yeah, I can replicate this.  The opening cinematic plays and then the screen
goes blank.  I can hit my console key and then type /quit and it quits
normally.  I don't see anything onscreen while doing that.

I also see where stderr.txt keeps building in size as ioq3 tries to load the UI
over and over in a loop.  I made sure that the updated ui vm was used and also
tried it with the dll version (and game and cgame) and got the same Error: Bad
UI system trap: 53 that other blokes were seeing.

So yes I realize that someone making a standalone should probably have removed
any cdkey checks themselves already but I have to think that coders unfamiliar
with the Q3 codebase will try to just run their regular Q3 assets as a
"standalone" and work from there, tweaking things as they go along.  That being
the case, I can see why people would consider this a "bug"--they wouldn't
necessarily be expecting to rip out code when they are unfamiliar with the
codebase and have been told that they can remove the CD key check by using the
"standalone" flag.

If this is not something that will be fixed codewise, I'll add it to the FAQ in
the forums and/or on the wiki so that when someone runs into this again people
can at least link them somewhere to read the manual fix.

--- Comment #3 from Thilo Schulz <arny at ats.s.bawue.de> 2011-02-04 08:51:48 EST ---
Ludwig seems to have fixed that in r1777

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