[quake3-bugzilla] [Bug 4548] STANDALONE on Windows requires baseq3 or else it doesn't let the game start

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Tue Feb 16 19:44:01 EST 2010


--- Comment #4 from tinkah <arxeio at gmail.com> 2010-02-16 19:43:54 EST ---
ok i managed to see some debugging on MS C; 

it definitely goes to 

Cvar_SetCheatState() [particularly for(var = cvar_vars; var ; var = var->next)]
at points and returns to it

it goes to SDL_Delay() and periodically returns to it

at several points it drops to (dis)assembly code such as

774500E7  nop  
774500E8  mov         eax,58h  
774500ED  mov         ecx,1Dh  
774500F2  lea         edx,[esp+4]  
774500F6  call        dword ptr fs:[0C0h]  
774500FD  add         esp,4  
77450100  ret         14h  
77450103  nop  
77450104  mov         eax,59h  
77450109  xor         ecx,ecx  
7745010B  lea         edx,[esp+4]  
7745010F  call        dword ptr fs:[0C0h]

(perhaps compiled vm, dunno though)

That Sleep of SDL_Delay() sounds very suspicious. it stops there a lot. (I have
debugging symbols of SDL on MS C, it's called on the library).

Commenting out SDL_Delay on SDL libs completely freezes the SYSTEM on (ok
almost) run, took some seconds to stop debugging and recover.

apparently that sleep was preventing that behavior for certain occasions.

and again around 'for(var = cvar_vars; var ; var = var->next)' of
Cvar_SetCheatState()  and looping through those.

any ideas based on that information?

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