[Bug 3857] additional speex file for visual studio compiling support

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------- Comment #3 from monk at rq3.com  2009-01-15 13:38 EDT -------
After consultation with some blokes on the speex-dev mailing list, to get
Visual Studio to compile speex as a library, you need to use config.h and the
junk defined there.  I did try valiantly to duplicate the ioq3 makefile's
directives to get speex working like on Linux and with mingw, but I had no luck
and the speex devs I talked to basically called me boneheaded for not using the
config.h and related directive.

I would have used a precompiled windows library and had the user go out to get
that himself, but there is none for the version that Ryan included in ioq3.  So
the choice was to require a VS user to download the specific version of speex
used in ioq3 and generate their own libspeex.lib file, wait for speex to
generate windows libraries for that specific version, compile a libspeex.lib
myself and try to get that included into ioq3's SVN, OR to get the VS compile
working with the included /libspeex already in ioq3.  Since we're
maintaining/including libspeex in ioq3 already, I figured one additional file
wouldn't add too much bloat.  It isn't called by any other platform but Visual
Studio and enables VS to compile the included ioq3 speex, so the benefits (in
my mind) seemed to greatly outweigh the bloat or inconvenience of adding an
additional file.  

I think including a header file is better than both including a precompiled
library in ioq3 and getting the user to try and hunt down a specific version of
speex to roll their own.  All the other platforms "just work" for compiling
ioq3 and speex and this addition allows VS to do the same.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the subject and hopefully they are convincing

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