[Bug 3771] New Visual Studio 2005 project file

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Thu Jan 15 13:15:08 EST 2009


------- Comment #16 from monk at rq3.com  2009-01-15 13:15 EDT -------
I'll hop on IRC sometime and try to sucker someone into walking me through
making a diff.  The contents of this bug are 1 VS2005 project file and 3 text
files; the text files are additional files that did not previously exist in SVN
and are intended to be instructions just sitting in the "misc" folder and only
maintained if something drastic changes.  I don't know that there's anything to
diff against for those three files.  For the quake3.vcproj file I can probably
figure out how to make a diff rather than just a replacement, though I know
I'll need someone to help with what KIND of diff y'all are wanting as I think
last time I used a tool to make a unified diff and was told that I did it wrong
or somethin'.

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