[Bug 2785] When Fullscreen is off, Brightness has no effect

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Fri Jan 2 09:07:40 EST 2009


------- Comment #10 from devhc97 at gmail.com  2009-01-02 09:07 EDT -------

On my Windows system, gamma changing works in both fullscreen and windowed
mode, except in windowed mode if I switch from fullscreen during run
(Alt+Enter). When I do that, the gamma is locked to some weird value: if I
started the binary in windowed mode, then it is locked to the gamma value that
was set when I switched to fullscreen; if I started the binary in fullscreen,
then it is locked to 1.0. So I must start the binary in windowed mode to be
able to change the gamma during run in windowed mode, but I am actually able to
set any value.

The patch does nothing for me as well.

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