[Bug 3771] New Visual Studio 2005 project file

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------- Comment #13 from AnthonyJ at planetquake.com  2009-01-01 06:11 EDT -------
I've now figured out how come you do not need OpenAL or libcurl .lib files - I
think you've got USE_OPENAL_DLOPEN and USE_CURL_DLOPEN defined (although in the
attached project only the curl one is defined, and not in all configurations -
some still have libcurl.lib in Additional Dependencies in linker settings).

The other possibilities are that you're building them from source, and have
them marked as a dependent project (in which case, MSVC automatically links
with the output), or that you've got them somewhere in a system search path.

MSVC doesn't fail silently if referenced libs aren't found btw, it refuses to

I didn't find the voip errors because the SVN version of the project is
outdated compared to the one in this bug, so I didnt even have the USE_VOIP
option defined, and for my purposes I didn't even notice that voip was missing. 

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