[quake2] FreeBSD quake-data

Brendan Burns brendanburns at comcast.net
Sun Jan 22 09:38:56 EST 2006

Hey Ethan,
The answer is: "any of them?"  If the FreeBSD quake is stock to the
icculus code, its going to look for its baseq2 directory in the same
directory as the place that the executable is launched from (e.g. pwd)

You can modify this by setting a cvar from the command line:

quake2 +set basedir <directory>

as described in the README

So it doesn't really matter which directory you choose, just choose one
of them, make sure baseq2 and all of the .paks are installed as
described in the README and go from there...


On Sat, 2006-01-21 at 20:37 -0500, Ethan A Burns wrote:
> Hello,
>         Okay, I installed quake2lnx from /usr/ports/games on FreeBSD.  This is,
> apparently, the icculus src according to the website link in the pkg-descr.
> It appears this port also installs the quake2-data port.  Now, I have three
> baseq2 directories:
> eaburns at bender ~$ find / -name baseq2 2>&1 | grep -v Perm
> /home/eaburns/.quake2/baseq2
> /usr/local/lib/quake2lnx/baseq2
> /usr/local/share/quake2/baseq2
> I guess my question is; which of these is the one that I am *suppose* to use.
> It would appear that the game doesn't see the /usr/local/share/quake2/baseq2,
> since there is shareware demo data in there and the game does not start because
> it says its missing data (Error: Couldn't load pics/colormap.pcx).
> Should one of these baseq2s be a sym link to the other?
>         Thanks,
>                         Ethan

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