FreeBSD quake-data

Ethan A Burns eaburns at
Sat Jan 21 20:37:24 EST 2006

        Okay, I installed quake2lnx from /usr/ports/games on FreeBSD.  This is,

apparently, the icculus src according to the website link in the pkg-descr.
It appears this port also installs the quake2-data port.  Now, I have three
baseq2 directories:

eaburns at bender ~$ find / -name baseq2 2>&1 | grep -v Perm

I guess my question is; which of these is the one that I am *suppose* to use.
It would appear that the game doesn't see the /usr/local/share/quake2/baseq2,
since there is shareware demo data in there and the game does not start because
it says its missing data (Error: Couldn't load pics/colormap.pcx).

Should one of these baseq2s be a sym link to the other?


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