[quake2] (Quake 3 Arena single player mods)

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Thu Jan 19 15:12:49 EST 2006

> Some time ago, there was a project to bring single player 
> modes to Q3A.  Anyone know if that has ever been completed?
> I have all the Quakes,  except 4, but am a "single player"
> player. I bought Q3A without realizing it was 
> exclusivelymulti-player.

Niflheim, Soul's Feast has a single player mode, but is a 
conversion, not a mission pack.


Outpost is a single player mission pack, although rather short.

There may be others, but nothing comercial that I've seen.

The Mod Database doesn't list Outpost, but does list some others:

Of those, I've tried "Generations Arena", which features combat
between Quake, Quake 2, and the Quake 3 A characters.

For Quake 2, I have 3 comercial mission packs, and many other
smaller ones that people have made, some very impressive.
Email me directly for more information - I know this is a bit
off-topic, so won't go on much more about it here.



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