[quake2] Original quake2 game bug

Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Sat Jan 14 12:33:47 EST 2006

On Saturday 14 January 2006 01:25, Karen Pouelle wrote:

> > The best way here, I think, is a define in Makefile, on by default:
> >
> > #ifndef ORIGINAL
> Would that only affect servers you were running or would you
> have the mod function when you connected to an original server?
> I suppose that might depend on where you make the change - the
> server side game code change would change the behaviour for
> connecting clients, but clients who've made the mod on their
> server side game wouldn't see the change when connecting to an
> original Quake 2 server. It would have to be a compile-time
> option in the client code for those who want the change to
> have it in all cases.

Well, it would be a default build so that it it represents the original.

In the makefile you could have -DORIGINAL appended to build lines.

In the code, e.g.:

#ifndef ORIGINAL
        // Nick - 10/01/2006 - add the rocket launcher (missing?)
        if ( ent->client->pers.inventory[ITEM_INDEX(FindItem("rockets"))]
                &&  ent->client->pers.inventory[ITEM_INDEX(FindItem("rocket 
launcher"))] )
                ent->client->newweapon = FindItem ("rocket launcher");

Yes, it would require to be done at build, but that at least gives people the 
way to add the weapons on NoAmmoChange if they wish.

I think a CVAR is the wrong way to go - you either use the code or don't.

"Person who say it cannot be done should not interrupt person doing it."
-Chinese Proverb

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