[quake2] Original quake2 game bug

Jay Dolan jasonthomasdolan at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 13 17:03:28 EST 2006

--- Karen Pouelle <hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca> wrote: 
> I think he's wrong about that little detail - after
> years of playing the game
> and only hours in the code, I know that it really
> couldn't be 'fixed' without
> hurting anyone, because running out of ammo and
> changing to the rocket
> launcher and firing is just dangerous to everyone.

I think "dangerous" is a bit strong.  If you're a
chronic wall-shooter, a suicide is a fitting reward
for not keeping a level head in close-quarters
deathmatch :)  Click->Respawn->LifeGoesOn.

> Try running around after
> typing "give all" and "+attack" at the console
> prompt, assuming infinite
> ammo's not on.  Don't point that rocket launcher
> thing at any nearby boxes,
> walls, or floors unless you're performing an
> icculus-assisted NoAmmoChange
> rocket jump.


> The first clue that it's an 'incompatible change' is
> in the
> manual that comes with the original game - says
> something about when running
> out of ammo, a safe weapon is selected.  A railgun
> is fine - have you ever shot yourself with the
> railgun? Maybe you were just
> holding it backwards...

Please point this out for me.

> Not including the rocket launcher in the
> NoAmmoChange function one of the few
> details that was correctly implimented in the
> server-side game code during
> the rapid game development

Is this just a guess?  Except for your vague (and
apparently absent) manual reference, where is
discussion on this behavior documented?  There were
numerous defects with Quake2.  Isn't it probable that
this was one of them?  Consider that a similar bug for
another item was found in tandem with this one.  And
consider that no other potentially "dangerous" weapon
(BFG, Grenade Launcher) is missing.

> Fanatics typically bypass this behavior with their
> own weapons-select alias
> bound to some key to pick the most powerful weapon
> (dangerous or not) that
> isn't out of ammo.  That nice "click" sound when
> running out of ammo can be
> replaced with a "Just shoot me now" sound,
> otherwise. ;)

So they would be unaffected by this fix.  If it's of
that big a deal to you, why not set this up?  Myself,
I'd want to get the rocket launcher if I'm out of
slugs.  You can't assume that players always run out
of ammo in close-range firefights.  That would be foolish.

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