[quake2] Original quake2 game bug

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 13 16:46:03 EST 2006

--- Nick Warne <nick at linicks.net> wrote:

> Now, back to the rocket launcher.  Why is it considered _not_ a
> bug and deliberate.  
> Where is this recorded that it _shouldn't_ be in weapon swap
> out on NoAmmoChange function?

According to Jay Dolan, it is a bug:

"I agree that it's a bug.  Either way, it can be 'fixed' in icculus or q2f
without hurting anyone.  Something this minor could hardly be considered an
'incompatible change' - even if it did produce slightly different behavior
from the original game."

I think he's wrong about that little detail - after years of playing the game
and only hours in the code, I know that it really couldn't be 'fixed' without
hurting anyone, because running out of ammo and changing to the rocket
launcher and firing is just dangerous to everyone. Try running around after
typing "give all" and "+attack" at the console prompt, assuming infinite
ammo's not on.  Don't point that rocket launcher thing at any nearby boxes,
walls, or floors unless you're performing an icculus-assisted NoAmmoChange
rocket jump.

The first clue that it's an 'incompatible change' is in the
manual that comes with the original game - says something about when running
out of ammo, a safe weapon is selected.  A railgun
is fine - have you ever shot yourself with the railgun? Maybe you were just
holding it backwards...

Not including the rocket launcher in the NoAmmoChange function one of the few
details that was correctly implimented in the server-side game code during
the rapid game development - don't change it unless you add a safety to the
rocket launcher some how. 

Fanatics typically bypass this behavior with their own weapons-select alias
bound to some key to pick the most powerful weapon (dangerous or not) that
isn't out of ammo.  That nice "click" sound when running out of ammo can be
replaced with a "Just shoot me now" sound, otherwise. ;)



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