[quake2] Mouse inverted

qudos qudos2 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 13:21:57 EDT 2005

2005/9/26, Michael Stather <kontakt at michaelstather.com>:
> Cool, I´m looking forward to it :)
> Just for interest, is it hard to understand the source of Q2 (is it C or C++).
> I thought about trying to understand the source code of one of those classic
> games (like doom or quake) and I wonder which one is the best to start. Is
> the source commented?
> regards

Me, with no knowledge about programing or code in general was able to
modify hardly quake2 engine (both q2icculus & quake2 id vanilla
sources), you can take a look to my QuDos engine based in q2icculus

I began just this year (Feb or March), first following game moding
guides, later little engine changes and now ripping from other engines
and also following tuts from quakesrc.org.

Now i'm able even to modify functions for linux compatibility, again i
have no idea about programing so if you have a minimun knowledge for
sure will be easy to go.

Just today downloaded an enhanced quake1 modification from this site
http://user.tninet.se/~xir870k/  got it succesfully running in linux
:) , also got working partially the updated nehahra engine too (all in
about two hours).

Slowly but i'm learning, i'm happy =)


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