[quake2] Mouse inverted

Michael Stather kontakt at michaelstather.com
Mon Sep 26 04:09:02 EDT 2005

Cool, I´m looking forward to it :)

Just for interest, is it hard to understand the source of Q2 (is it C or C++). 
I thought about trying to understand the source code of one of those classic 
games (like doom or quake) and I wonder which one is the best to start. Is 
the source commented?


> The bug is fixed in the CVS version (As I recall it is only present when
> DGA is enabled...)
> There is (semi) active development on this project...
> Which I suppose means that I should get another release together ;-P
> --brendan
> On Sun, 2005-09-25 at 16:14 +0200, Michael Stather wrote:
> > I tried the latest 0.16.1 RPM on my laptop with an mobility radeon
> > graphics card. Video worked, although sloppy with both glx and sdlgl (any
> > ideas what could cause this). But both mouse axises were inverted, e.g.
> > left was right and up was down. What can I do about this?
> >
> > regards and hanks for your help
> >
> > Michael Stather

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