quake2 fps problems, gamma, alsa and mouse

Anders Storsveen wakko at generation.no
Fri Oct 21 07:09:49 EDT 2005

I'm having some weird problems, with quake2-qmax I have a stable fps
right under the cl_maxfps var, however in regular quake2 I got like
60-70 fps max! that's really weird, isn't the entire difference between
qmax and regular some textures?

It's really weird! I have an ati 9700 card.

Also the mouse is really weird in glx-mode, it's some kind of negative
acceleration, when I move it real slow it goes the wrong way, until I
turn up the speed just a little, it comes to a stop and then goes the
right way. It's really problematic!

and the last thing is that the gamma mode is different in sdl and glx, I
have noticed and posted about this before. I think it's the gamma method
it uses, glx uses desktop gamma/hw-gamma somehow, which is very nice and
crips. while SDL uses software-gamma/brightness, which washes out the
colors and is horrible!

also I get alsa buffer underuns now, which makes my sound go in a loop,
and I get 13-15fps in the game, If I do s_initsound 0 and snd_restart
the game goes back to normal!

It would be fantastic if someone could look into this and fix it, it's
also the only problems I'm having, and the game would be perfect if this
would work!

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